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What is the commission rate?

All tours and activities that are booked on VELTRA by those registered in our Travel Agent program will receive a commission on all sales.

We will pay you a scaling commission starting from eight percent (8%) or more depending on the individual activity and the total gross retail sale amount (after tax and other applicable fees) of each completed activity booked during the calendar year (Jan 1 – Dec 31). Travel agents that reach the sales goal to qualify for subsequently higher commission rates will receive this rate starting from the following month. This rate will remain active for the remainder of the current year, as well as the following year. At the end of that year, your qualifying sales will determine which commission rate you will receive at the start of the next year.

The commission will be paid only if the sale is tracked on our internal online ordering system from the time the login is initiated on our website at the time of the sale. No commission will be paid if the sale cannot be tracked by our internal ordering system.

*Travel agents who book $100,000 or more per calendar year will receive higher commission rates and/or bonuses based on their total gross retail sales.

Your commission rate will show in green text below the price at the time of booking. A select number of activities will only be available at the eight percent (8%) commission rate. If add-ons and upgrades do not have a commission rate listed, you will not receive a commission for those options.

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