Meet Our Team

Haru Kutsukake
Director - Travel Agent Program

Originally from Japan, Haru has made his way to Hawaii via Virgina, and from VELTRA's office in the heart of Waikiki, he is in charge of much of the Travel Agent and Affiliate Program. From coordinating our appearance at trade shows to continually thinking of improvements to the Partner Distribution Program, there is nothing that he can't do. Haru's interest span across the far reaches of the world, and has had amazing opportunities to visit little known villages in both Brazil and Guinea.

Lani Sidman
Travel Agent Relations Manager

Crossing the Pacific Ocean and the continental U.S., Lani has called Japan, Hawaii, and now New York City her home. Among the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple, she is the point of contact for travel agents and professionals utilizing the VELTRA Partner Distribution Program. She is happy to answer any and all questions that travel professionals may have, and works tirelessly so that you won't have to! Even though she is now thousands of miles away from the islands, Lani continues to embody the spirit of Aloha through hula.

Agnes Niehof
Sales Manager - Asia Pacific / Netherlands

As a Thai and Dutch luk khrueng who was born and raised in the Netherlands, Agnes spent much of her life traveling between Europe and Asia and this background provided her with an invaluable understanding of both cultures and destinations. Now living in Bangkok, she is the sales manager for a number of the well-reviewed activities on VELTRA in Asia and the Netherlands. Her passion for travel is evident in all that she does, and Agnes ranks New Zealand, with its untouched beauty, as her best travel experience.

Maira Cavalheiro
Travel Agent Support - Brazil / Portugul

From the land of Carnival in Rio de Janeiro to the mountainous peaks of Colorado, to the Sunshine State of Florida, and now living in the land of Aloha, Maira has called many places her home. With years of travel and tourism experience, and now the Sales Supervisor for, she will be able to assist activity partners and travel professionals with any inquiries and issues that they may have pertaining to Hawaii. Her passion for Hawaii can be seen in her incredible surf photography and exploration of the islands.