Molokini Crater

Dive down to the depths of Molokini on Maui

Located off of the western coast of Maui, Molokini Crater is one of the most popular destinations for island visitors. This crescent-shaped crater is all that remains of a volcanic island created over a million years ago, and now this former volcano has transformed into an underwater paradise that has over 250 species of fish that call it home.

The crystal clear waters surrounding the area offers fantastic visibility, with snorkelers and scuba divers able to see upwards of 150 feet, and there are a number of tour and activity options perfect for all ages and skill levels. It is no wonder that it has become one of the “must do” activities for anyone making their way to Maui!

With a wide array of tour options, there will be something for anyone making their way to Maui. Whether you are planning an itinerary for newlyweds, a group of graduating teens, or a family reunion, there is a Molokini Crater snorkeling cruise to fit their needs.

Molokini Tour & Activity Suggestions

Trilogy Excursions not only offers a delicious continental breakfast featuring fresh fruit and and homemade cinnamon rolls, but your clients will also enjoy a delicious BBQ lunch onboard the catamaran during this fun-filled expedition. A key selling point is that this tour is available for all ages, so it is a wonderful option for families traveling with children.

Alii Nui Maui is the “go to” option and the perfect choice for those wanting a deluxe and high-end tour experience to Molokini Crater. Not only will your clients receive personalized attention from the captain and crew, but this tour also features a gourmet breakfast complete with eggs, bacon, and other yummy treats, as well as a luncheon buffet filled with an array of Pacific island rim cuisine, and an open bar!

Redline Rafting will be your best bet for any clients staying in Kihei since they won’t have far to drive for their check-in. Also, since this tour departs from Kihei, it is a much quicker jaunt to Molokini which allows time for more snorkeling and more fun. A great choice for those that are adventurous!

Now that you have seen a few of the many Molokini options offered on VELTRA, take a look at some of the top tips and information about Molokini, so you can learn all there is to know about these expeditions!

Sales Tips & Promotions

  • Most of the tours are family friendly and offer a discounted child’s rate as well.
  • Boost your sales with a SNUBA add-on with Trilogy, Aqua Adventures, and Alii Nui! Your clients will be able to experience an underwater adventure that is similar to SCUBA, but with no certification required.
  • If there are any divers in the group, Alii Nui also offers a certified one (1) tank dive during the snorkel cruise as well. A great way for both divers and snorkelers to enjoy the ocean together.
  • The Maui Ocean Center, located near Ma’alaea Harbor, is a great place to visit after a snorkeling cruise since you can learn more about the many sea creatures that live near Molokini.

Important Facts About Molokini

  • Book early morning tours for the best visibility and calmest waters.
  • Most tours depart from Ma’alaea Harbor
  • The boat ride to Molokini takes about 45 minutes to an hour.
  • It is recommended to bring a light jacket and to take a motion sickness preventative before the cruise.
  • Most of the tours include both a breakfast and a lunch.
  • There is normally a stop at a second snorkeling location, and if there are inclement conditions at Molokini, tours will often go to two different snorkeling areas.

Ma’alaea Harbor Information

  • The harbor is located approximately 30 minutes from Lahaina.
  • Only a few of the tours provide transportation, but there is ample free parking available at the harbor for any clients planning on driving while on Maui.
  • A number of restaurants and retail shops are located near the harbor for any post-cruise shopping.

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