Get Ready for a Spook-tacular Halloween

As the leaves begin to turn russet and gold, and the cool evening winds begin to blow, the fall season is here with Halloween fun, adventure, and excitement. Take a look at some of the many tours and activities where your client’s can have some “skele-fun”!

Book an Un-BOO-lievable Cruise in Maui

Halloween Cocktail Cruise & Express Boat Ferry to Lahaina (from Maalaea Harbor)

Although the island of Maui is well known as a tropical paradise, on October 31st, scary and the spectacular all come for an evening filled with music, food, bar-hopping, and more! There is no better to experience incredible atmosphere of Lahaina’s Front Street, than first hopping on the Halloween Cocktail Cruise & Boat Ferry Ride. Your clients will be able to avoid traffic going into Lahaina, and there will be no worrying about parking. What could be better?

Learn About London’s Dark & Hidden Mysteries

Learn About London's Dark & Hidden Mysteries

The unsolved mystery of Jack the Ripper is one that continues to haunt the streets of London, and during this Halloween season, your clients have a choice of either a walking or bus tour where they can hear all about the grisly and murderous tales, and then dine on traditional London pub cuisine afterwards. They will not only learn about the many stories that surround the infamy of Jack the Ripper, but walk among his footsteps as well. How chilling!

Embark on Ghoulish Ghost Tours in Dublin

Embark on Ghoulish Ghost Tours in Dublin

Will the luck of the Irish keep the ghosts and spirits away on a Dublin Ghost Tour? Your clients will need to keep their fingers crossed that the spooks will be kept at bay as their guides lead them through the city while sharing their knowledge about the dark days of plague and famine, the frightening occurrences on church grounds, and even the stories of the famed White Lady.

Walk the Ancient Streets of Venice on a Ghost Tour

Walk the Ancient Streets of Venice on a Ghost Tour

The canal-lined streets of Venice are the setting for some of the most hair-raising stories in all of Europe, and a Venice Ghost Walking Tour is the perfect way to experience this first hand. Your clients will not only hear these tales from an expert Venetian guide, but as they walk through the city, they will explore secret passageways, hidden alleyways, and perhaps, even see a lost specter floating among them. What chills! What thrills!

Have Family Friendly Fun with Harry Potter

Have Family Friendly Fun with Harry Potter

When your clients become overwhelmed by the ghouls and goblins, and are looking for something not quite so scary, there is no better bet than heading into the wizarding world of Harry Potter on an epic Warner Brothers Studio Tour. For fans young and old, this comprehensive exhibit will leave any muggle feeling magical as your clients explore the Forbidden Forest, window shop in Diagon Alley, and so much more. Wingardium Leviosa!

Pro Tips & Hints

  • Book tours as soon as possible since Halloween is the most popular time for ghost and haunted tours.
  • There are many ghost and Halloween tours all across Europe, so no matter where your clients are going, there will be a tour for them to enjoy!
  • Many cities will have Halloween festivities that are fun and free of charge which will be perfect options for budget conscious travelers. Feel free to contact us for any suggestions!

With so many Halloween tour options, it can often be difficult to find the perfect recommendation for your clients, so do not hesitate to speak with any of our Tours & Activity Specialists at, and we will help you pick the best option for your clients!

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