When is the Best Time to Cross-Sell and Upsell Tours & Activities?

Every step of a traveler’s journey is an opportunity to reach them and propose tours & activities on your website.

Below are some tips about when, where and how to cross-sell and upsell.

1. Travel Content Pages

Travelers are not waiting until the last minute when considering what they will do at their destination.

Research about travel experiences starts early in the travel planning process. To catch a traveler at this stage, you can inspire your visitors with tours, activities and things that they can do on their upcoming trip and create awareness that these can be booked directly from your website. For example :

  • Open a category featuring extra travel services on your website and include the link to your VELTRA affiliate pages.
  • Communicate about your partnership with VELTRA and the availability of tours with your company through your newsletters and other marketing media.
  • Link to VELTRA from all travel-related content pages like travel guides, Point of Interests pages, Destination page, etc.

2. Check Out & Thank you Page

Cross-selling VELTRA tours & activities on your check out/ thank you page and confirmation voucher can boost your revenues.

Depending on your industry, the conversion rate on these pages can reach up to 20%.

Simply add a link or banners on these pages.

3. Pre-trip

Between the traveler booking and the time of travel, there are opportunities to cross sell targeted offers for tours and activities.

At this stage of the travel process, one of the highest conversion rate can be achieved by sending personalized offers by email to the traveler.

Personalisation can be achieved by segmenting your travelers’ database based on :
– Destination or travel category booked
– Traveler profile (such as Number of persons, age or class of travel)

4. In Destination

Most travelers book tours and attractions in market, often last-minute.

Depending on your industry, the opportunities, at this stage, will be to push targeted tours & activities offers to the travelers while he is in destination. For example you can :
– Integrate tours & Activities on your mobile App Integration
– Create flyers / pages with a selection of the best local experiences and a link to book them on VELTRA

PRO TIP : The more targeted the offer, the higher your conversion rate and revenue!