Best Ways to Increase Your Tour & Activity Bookings – Volume #1 (Cross Selling)

Each and every destination offers an array of unforgettable tour options for visiting travelers. Whether your clients are wanting a quiet week on the shores of a tropical beach, or three-days chock-filled with an array of activities, there are a number of ways to increase your sales with tour and activity bookings.

Different Tours for Different People

Groups of friends and families often feel like that they must stay together and also do the same tours. While it is perfectly understandable, there is also a way where everyone can enjoy their vacation time.

For example, imagine a family trip with Grandma, Mom, Dad, and three children ranging from 5 to 14. It can often be difficult to find activities that can accommodate all ages, while also being enjoyable for the entire family. Rather than trying to cram everyone onto the same tour, look for activities that offer multiple tour options at the same or nearby location.

One example of this would be Kualoa Ranch and their wide array of adventures. One of the most popular destinations on the island of Oahu, Kualoa Ranch is the “go to” spot for ATV and off-roading tours, but these activities are limited by the age of the participants, and physicality as well. In the case of our fictional family, Grandma and the younger kids could do the bay cruise and movie sites tour, while the oldest child and parents can ATV and zipline. The best part is that they would all meet up for lunch at the same time!

There are a number of tour options from across the globe that could suit this type of situation available on VELTRA!

Continue the Fun in the Same Area

Depending on your client’s destination, there are often a number of activities clustered in certain areas. Since they are already out and about, suggesting multiple tours that can easily be done in one day is a wonderful way to boost those activities sales.

Keeping with our theme of Hawaii, a full day of adventuring can be found at the ever popular Hilton Hawaiian Village, located on the soft sandy shore of Waikiki Beach. Three activities that can easily be completed in one day without any fuss or rush would be the Atlantis Submarine ride, a snorkeling cruise at Turtle Canyon, and an evening of excitement with the Starlight Luau. Not only will your clients be able to explore the underwater world, but their day will end with a thrilling Polynesian show and delicious buffet dinner.

These types of bookings are particularly helpful for travelers that have limited time for their holiday and are wanting to pack in as much as possible in a short amount of time, but also don’t want to feel as if they are being rushed. How perfect is that?

Top Tips & Booking Information

  • If you are not familiar with an area, you can always contact the VELTRA Local Tour & Travel Experts for any suggestions or information. We can be reached at for all areas or (808) 690-9990 for any questions about Hawaii.
  • You can easily check to see what other tour options are available from an activity provider so that you can offer multiple tours to your clients.
  • Be sure to find a happy balance between booking a number of activities and overloading your client’s schedule.
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