Take a Look at the Newest Maui Sunset Cocktail Cruises

In an effort to make sure that we are able to provide the very best in Hawaii tours and activities, we are happy to announce that we have more than doubled the amount of Maui sunset sails and cruises available on VELTRA – HawaiiActivities.com! With departures from Ma’alaea, Ka’anapali and Lahaina Harbor, your clients will be off on an evening adventure in no time!

A Wide Variety of Pacific Whale Foundation Cruises

Our newest cocktail sails are from the amazing crew of the Pacific Whale Foundation. Not only do you have your typical booze cruise that everyone enjoys, but there are also specialty cruises that aren’t found anywhere else in Hawaii.

  • Sunset Sushi & Sake Sail: Perfect for any foodie, this cocktail sail not only features delicious sushi, but all of the ingredients are sustainable and made from fresh island ingredients. In addition to the sushi and sake, there will be an on-board naturalist to share stories and information about the area as well.
  • Island Rhythms Live Hawaiian Reggae Cruise: What is better than a cocktail sail? A sail with live music! Back by popular demand, Marty Dread has returned for Aloha Friday cocktail sails that will be an unforgettable evening for any client. Not only will they enjoy delicious appetizers and drinks, but also experience entertainment that can only be found in Maui. How amazing is that?
  • Sunset & Star Gazing Sail: Did you know that the Polynesians navigated to the Hawaiian islands almost 2,000 years ago using nothing but the stars and the currents to guide them? This sail offers guests the unique opportunity to not only enjoy the beauty of a Hawaiian sunset, but also learn about the stars themselves. It is a wonderful opportunity for anyone visiting Hawaii!

Get Ready to Dine on a Sunset Dinner Cruise

One of the best things to do on Maui is, without a doubt, a sunset dinner cruise. Not only will your client’s enjoy mouthwatering cuisine, but they will also be able to sit back and relax as they take in the sight of Maui’s beautiful coastline, as well as the awe inspiring visage of the colorful sunset. Here are just a few on the many options that you can recommend!

  • Pride of Maui Sunset Luau Dinner Cruise: Could there be anything more quintessentially Hawaii than having a mai tai as the sunsets, enjoying a delicious island buffet, all while being entertained by Polynesian music and dance? This is a great option for guests who would like to have the experience of both a luau and a dinner cruise, all in in one!
  • Ali’i Nui Royal Feast Sunset Dinner Sail: This is an adult-only experience, and the “go to” for newlyweds, anniversary celebrations, birthdays, and so much more. Limited to only 36 passengers, your clients will be sure to get individualized attention and have a luxurious evening that they will not soon forget.
  • Sea Maui Dinner Cruise by Joey’s Kitchen: The islands of Hawaii are home to some of the most amazing restaurants and chefs, and it is a treat to be able to showcase Chef Joey Macadangdang’s incredible cuisine on a sunset dinner sail. There is no doubt that your clients will come back raving about the meal!

Top Tips & Information

Each of the cruises will normally depart from Ma’alaea, Ka’anapali, or Lahaina Harbor. Depending on where your client’s are staying, the drive to the departure location can be up to an hour or more, so you will want to assist them in planning accordingly.

  • Be sure to check the age restrictions on any sunset sail or cruise. There are a few that are only available for adults 21 years old and above.
  • Recommend taking a taxi or a ride share to your clients so that all party members will be able to enjoy the delicious alcoholic beverages which are served.
  • Although menus are often set, cruise companies are normally more than happy to accommodate dietary restrictions for guests as long as they are informed ahead of time.

With this new influx of sunset cruises and sails on Maui, it can often be difficult to find the perfect recommendation for your clients, so do not hesitate to speak with any of our Hawaii Tours & Activity Specialist at support@veltra.com or +1 (808) 690-9900, and they will help you pick the best option for your clients!